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M28 EFOY Energy Cartridge

M28 EFOY Energy Cartridge

Capacity: 28 litre
Weight: 23,8 KG
Electrical nominal capacity: 31.1 kWh
Autonomy @50 W: 622 hrs
Dimensions (L x W x H): 370 x 285 x 395 mm

Re-placing empty cartridges is controlled via an online and built-in surveillance system that follows the consumption during operating hours and in time will alert for supplies of next batch of cartridges. M28 EFOY Energy Cartridges available for deliveries worldwide. The EFOY cartridges are certified for air, sea and land transport according to UN3473 regulations.

Note: Fuel cell requires M28 adapter and is included

CONSUMPTION: Contact us to let us calculate the consumption levels for your need of water purification.

Example: you will need 4 x 28 liters of EFOY energy cartridges to operate one BlueBox 450RO for 15 hours/day for 12 days without re-fueling. 

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