Pure water. Anytime. Anywhere.

BlueBox 4000 RO Mil. EMC

Military grade water purification plant with EMC protection*

This unit has a daily capacity of 96000 litres per day, giving 5 litres of drinking water for 19200 people, or 4800 pcs 20 L bottles.

Patented and uniquely versatile 3-in-1 unit with RO purification production of 4000 l/h. Using the activated carbon (and 100, 25 and 5 micron filters) or the UV light purification part of the system, the system will produce 8000 l/h.

• Clean drinking water safety exceeding WHO standards
• From any fresh water source
• ‘Plug & Play’ units ready for fast deployment
• Durable for 10-15 years under optimal conditions

*Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) shielding is an approach taken to ensure the protection of the sensor signals from external electromagnetic signals

Additional information

Application area

Military and emergency field assignments

Capacity, volume

at 25º C water temperature, RO bypass: 8000 l/h, 192 m³ pd, RO: 4000 l/h, 96 m³ pd


L: 1.2 m, W: 1.2 m, H: 1.15 m X2


700+25+5 micron, Activated carbon, Reverse osmosis, UV-light


Built into a sturdy, weather resistant plastic box for easy transport

Power source

4.0 kW, 400 v, 50Hz, three phase

Pump type

Self-priming membrane pump

Raw water

Municipal lake, river, waterholes, stored water, fresh water

Output Water Quality

Superior WHO quality: removes bacteria, virae, microorganisms, flouride, arsenic and pesticides


360 kg, 1.2 m3, 270 kg / 1.2 m3


1) EMC protection 2) Bypass RO unit for extra frast filtration of potable water