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Fuel Cell PowerBox 450

NEW: Autonomous off-grid fuel cell powerbox for the BlueBox 450 RO water purification system running on EFOY methanol. The methanol cartridges are easily replaced and are an innovative and sustainable off-grid power solution.

The Fuel Cell PowerBox 450 comes with 1 x Pro12000 EFOY Fuel Cell (photo above), 4 x 12V AGM batteries, 1 x 3000W inverter, connectors, adapters and cables and 4 x 28 litre filled cartridges as a plug-in system.

• Proven technology by German SFC Energy
• Fully automatic and 100% reliable all year
• Lightweight and compact
• Noise level: less than 50 dB
• Zero NoX emissions
• Zero dust emissions
• Reduced CO2 emissions by up to 94% compared to the use of diesel generators
• Remote surveillance of consumption to optimize logistics and methanol supply.

Complete Fuel Cell PowerBox:
Dimensions: L: 1200 mm x W: 800 mm x H:800 mm
Weight: 135 KG (incl. 4 x 28 L EFOY energy cartridges)

The Fuel Cell PowerBox is a plug-in ready powerbox suited to operate the BlueBox 450RO as an alternative to grid/generator power.

Information on EFOY methanol cartridge here.

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