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BlueBox 5000 RODS / Desal

Skid mounted desalination BlueBox system, configured to customers specifications and water conditions. 

These systems are tailor-made to individual specifications and include our R&D people to ensure the correct configuration. Please contact us for further.

The process in brief: Raw water is dosed with chlorine and then passed through Multi Media Filter with the help of Feed pump of suitable capacity to remove suspended impurities. 

Filtered water is then passed through Activated Carbon Filter to remove excess chlorine (dechlorination), and is then dosed with antiscalant dosing system before passed through 5 micron cartridge filter to remove micron particles. 

The treated water from the Reverse Osmosis process is then passed through Ultraviolet Sterilisation to ensure complete bacteria free pure water.

• 2500 or 5000 litres/hour
• Reverse Osmosis unit
• Chlorine Dosing system and all components to ensure a safe process.


Additional information

Application area

Buildings; Hospital, Hotel, Manufacturing, School and University

Capacity, volume

2500/5000 l/h, 60,0/120 m³ pd at 25º C water temperature



Power source

230v, 50/60 Hz

Raw water

Municipal lake, river, waterholes, stored water, fresh water

Output Water Quality

Superior WHO quality: removes bacteria, virae, microorganisms, flouride, arsenic and pesticides