Pure water. Anytime. Anywhere.

BlueBox 600 UF

Unique for operations in ‘hard to reach areas’. All in one BlueBox: compact, mobile and efficient

This unit has a daily capacity of 14400 litres per day, giving 5 litres of drinking water for 2880 people, or 720 pcs 20 L bottles.

The compact design of the BlueBox 450RO makes it ideal for fast deployment in remote areas.

BlueBox 450 UF will clean municipal water, and other water sources, into clean and safe drinking water, making use of a 3 pre-filtration process, ultra filtration and UV light.

• Clean drinking water safety exceeding WHO standards*
• A configuration optimized for transport, reliability and ease of use
• Mobile, compact, lightweight making use of one pump for both water inlet and membrane process
• Plug-and-play system, easy handling and maintenance made
• Available to every soldier in any area

*Depending on choise of membrane subject to raw water composition

Additional information

Unit type

2-man portable water purification

Application area

Small camp/community. Field hospital/medical clinic, schools

Capacity, volume

600 l/h, 14.4 pd at +25º water temperature


L: 600mm, W: 800mm, H: 800mm


700+25+5 micron, Activated carbon, Ultra filtration, UV-light


Sturdy and weather resistant box

Power source

0.9 kW, 110 v, 60 Hz, 230v, 50 Hz

Pump type

Self-priming membrane pump

Raw water

All fresh water sources; lake, river, waterhole

Output Water Quality

Superior WHO quality: removes arsenic, flouride, pesticides and microorganisms at ultra filtration level


125 kg, 0.8 m3