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Clean drinking water by MuchMoreWaterFor years, the Danish company PureH2O has delivered mobile water purification units to governments, NGOs, and military organizations across the globe. Now, with a new organization and a stronger business focus, the company aims at promoting its clean water technology much more intensively – and the first step is to rename the company as MuchMoreWater.


Fifteen years ago, a Danish start-up company set itself a challenge: To create a mobile, modular water purification system that could be shipped easily and set up to run in minutes, using any available water and power sources such as solar power, portable diesel generators or even pedal-powered generators! The goal was nothing less than to deliver clean, safe water to every man, woman and child on the planet.


Now, with many hundreds of installations across the globe under its belt, PureH2O has decided to intensify the efforts to get its water purification technology promoted even further. As part of its promotion and sales efforts, PureH2O has strengthened the organization and changed its name to MuchMoreWater.


“We chose the name MuchMoreWater for the company because that’s basically what we deliver,” says founder and CEO Jesper Ellegaard. ”Our BlueBox technology can help NGOs, disaster relief organizations, and the military to get clean, healthy water anywhere and from any source – from a lake, a river, even from sewage. It’s also in line with UN’s sustainable development goals – to deliver fresh water to the entire world by 2030.”


Making bad water better

Lack of fresh water is a major problem potentially threatening billions of people across the globe. According to the UN, 1.8 billion people only have access to contaminated water, and an estimated 1,000 children die daily from water-related diseases. But there is actually plenty of water out there – in lakes, in the sea, in rivers, in the ground. Most of it is just not drinkable. “So that’s what we decided to tackle with our units – making bad water better, so to speak,” Jesper Ellegaard says. “Our units can filter the water, clean it with reverse osmosis and UV technology, even add minerals, and make water from any source safe to drink. What’s more, it’s really easy to fly or drive the units in, and the capacity can be scaled just by coupling the units together.”


From disaster zones to field hospitals

Apart from the obvious uses in disaster zones and in capacity building in remote areas, the BlueBox technology also has wide applications for the hospital sector and for industrial facilities in need of a reliable water source far from the public water supply. Jesper Ellegaard explains: “This opens a world of opportunities – just imagine a hospital or a clinic, or maybe a small factory, in a remote location. What they need is mostly fresh water clean enough not just to drink, but to be used in surgical procedures or as process water. It’s got to be clean, in some cases even chemically pure, and it’s got to be plentiful. Our technology can provide much more water anywhere – literally anywhere.”




MuchMoreWater bases its water purification technology on mobile, modular units known as BlueBoxes. BlueBox units are self-contained and are shipped with all necessary components in place, making the units easy to set up and operate and simple to service. In some cases, NGOs and agencies leave the units behind after the immediate crisis has passed, making local communities independent and self-sustained.


BlueBox units are available in sizes from 30 liters per hour up to containerized units delivering 10,000 l/h. The water purification technologies used range from simple filtering to reverse osmosis which delivers chemically pure water from any source.


MuchMoreWater has sold BlueBox units to international relief organizations, NGOs and military organizations all over the world. The company is based in Denmark and works closely with agencies such WHO, UNICEF and various governments, NGO agencies and military organizations.


For further information, please contact CEO Jesper Ellegaard or sales and General Manager Sales & Marketing, Jullie Nikolaeva


Much More Water A/S   Staerkendevej 43, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark

phone +45 8020 8020  ·  Email

MuchMoreWater logo

Clean drinking water by MuchMoreWater

MuchMoreWater logo

Clean drinking water by MuchMoreWater

MuchMoreWater logo

Clean drinking water by MuchMoreWater


Much More Water A/S   Staerkendevej 43, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark
phone 8020 8020  ·  Email


Much More Water A/S

Staerkendevej 43, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark

phone 8020 8020